Our Services

we offer: detailed and customized services for you just a click away, to achieve your peak. check out the services you need or have a free need assessment on your business and prioritize what to do next.

Affordabe Consulting

Standard Consultancy

  • Product/Service Review
  • Pitch Deck Review
  • Industry Analysis
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Strategic Roadmap

Comprehensive Consultancy

  • Market Validation Analysis
  • Cluster of Analysis (Industry, Competitive Industry)
  • Product/Service Validation
  • Operation Roadmap
  • MVP Development

Extensive Consultancy

  • Short & Long tern Strategies
  • Scalability & Sustainability
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Business & Revenue Model Validation
  • Tech & Legal Consultancy
  • Marketing & Branding

Leverage Growth

  • Investment Readiness Program
  • Financial & Leal Consultancy
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Pitch Deck Development
  • Investment Acquisition

Add-On Service

  • Legal Consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Tech Service
  • Talent Sourcing & HR
  • Digital Marketing & Marketing

More Than Just Business

From your problem To real solution

STEP 1-Your Problem

Proactively envision the current scenario, targets and futuristic approach to reach desired goals.

STEP 2-Our Observance

Need assessment and seamlessly visualize the rooms for collaboration, idea-sharing and improvisation to reveal the suitable pathways to success

STEP 3-Our Suggestions

Customized consultancy along the journey meeting goals and maintaining persistent growth through scalability and sustainability.

Consultancy Services