Founder as a Fighter

Founder as a Fighter

In 1971, over a nine-month period, West Pakistan and East Pakistan were engaged in armed conflict. In this conflict, Bangladesh was battling to free itself from Pakistani subordination. To ensure specific territory, to protect her people from oppression and deprivation, to ensure liberal democracy, equality, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, judicial independence, separation of power, and right to life.  Before Pakistan, thousands of attempts had been made to knock down Bangladesh brick by brick. Every time Bangladesh has been threatened with injustice, the people of the state have acted as a shield to protect the country. Some dedicated their lives in the name of their nation, others with talent or labor, some with writing or singing. They had done this only for making Bangladesh a better place to live. Similarly, Bangladeshi startup founders are striving to break the conventional beliefs of society about careers by establishing themselves against the tide.  The spirit of entrepreneurship is about daring to dream with limited resources.  They aim to deal with Bangladesh’s socio-economic crisis in a new dimension. Bangladesh is a resource-limited and overpopulated country where gender, class, location, and opportunity are determined by a highly stratified society. Which creates discrimination, class frustration, and hunger. These things lead people to turn to violence. The entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are taking risks despite limited resources, innovating and solving problems in order to respond to the nation’s needs. They generate wealth where none existed before – a new market, customer satisfaction, something new, something different, they change or transform our values. Bangladesh is a country rich in soil, rivers, and mines with a billion strong population. Whenever an entrepreneur utilizes all available raw materials for his enterprise, he becomes a true Messiah or a true king, as he will be able to create, build, and eliminate hunger and want, and to create wealth for all, including himself. To develop policies for equitable growth and employment, he must engage the politicians and the bureaucrats with enthusiasm and optimism. We all should have the courage to speak against all injustice and corruption so that we can make a secure ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Where they can bring new ideas to the table, get proper values, guidance and support.  Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters who can free the country from poverty. The entrepreneurs’ initiative and efforts will lead to Bangladesh being free of hunger and discrimination once again.


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  1. This post is amazing, it is extremely thorough and in depth.

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